If you've been sexually assaulted and live in the City of Seattle, or the assault took place in Seattle, there is now a new pathway to justice.

SEEK THEN SPEAK is a tool to support survivors of sexual assault to explore their options, connect with local resources and begin the process of reporting their sexual assault.


SEEK is a tool designed to help survivors privately gather information and explore your options for medical care, supportive services, and reporting to police.

SEEK* discusses the role of different individuals who can provide you support such as victim advocates, medical professionals, law enforcement, and addresses real-world questions survivors may have around forensic exams, crime victim rights, and more.

*SEEK THEN SPEAK is a national resource developed to serve survivors across the US, so some information specific to your local area may not be available. Please refer to the list of local resources on this page.


Survivors can start the reporting process in SPEAK, a self-guided interview where you can share as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with. When you finish, it creates a downloadable PDF, which you can choose to save for your own reference or forward to law enforcement. For your privacy, all data is deleted upon exiting the site.

If you decide to share your report with the Seattle Police Department, you can send it to seekthenspeak@seattle.gov. SPD will review your report and may open an official investigation. It’s important to note that once submitted, these reports become police records, and may be accessible in subsequent legal matters.

Click below to gather information or begin a report.

To submit your report to Seattle Police Department, email the pdf to seekthenspeak@seattle.gov


The Seek then Speak took is designed for use when circumstances do not require urgent law enforcement response. Call 911 if you are in imminent danger or need immediate and urgent medical attention.


Immediate Services or Support

24-hour crisis line
King County Sexual Assault Resource Line
King County 2-1-1 Emergency Services
King County Local: (206) 461-3222
Statewide: 1-866-4CRISIS (27-4747)

Legal Support

Sexual Violence Law Center
To request a free, confidential consultation for survivors, contact (206) 312-7852 or (844) 991-7852 or legalline@svlawcenter.org

Washington Law Help
A guide to free civil legal services for low-income persons and seniors in WA, including protection from abuse, family law, housing, and immigration. Available in 25 languages.

Sexual Assault Legal Advocacy

City of Seattle Sexual Assault Crime Victim Advocacy
(Co-located within the Seattle Police Sexual Assault Investigation Unit)
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC)
(Confidential and independent from law enforcement, prosecution, courts)